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Top attractions in Gdynia

There are a number of interesting things to do in Gdynia. From historical sites to cultural attractions, explore the extensive list of all the other local attractions in Gdynia. Discover new places to visit and things to do in Gdynia. Do not miss this incredible view of Gdynia. Check out the sights and activities in Gdynia and its surroundings. We help you plan your trip to Gdynia. The best of Gdynia includes – the best things to do in Gdynia and its surroundings, the main attractions to visit, such as historical monuments, natural attractions, adventure and entertainment activities, places to eat and drink.

Can’t find Gdynia itself? Send a journey today for Gdynia! Filed in popularity, this is the complete list of the best attractions in Gdynia and a point of interest recommended by locals.

Main beach of Gdynia- Just in the heart of Gdynia you will find a fantastic beach. The sea is clean, there is a great expanse of sand and is a popular place to be warm. The hotel is just a few minutes from the city center and a short walk from the main pier, there is no shortage of summer activities nearby, with lots of ice rinks for refueling.

Gdynia Boardwalk- Take a walk along the beautiful beachfront promenade in Gdynia overlooking the sea, from the beach to the famous Maritime Monument of Gdynia, the aquarium and the harbor.

Gdynia Market (Hala Targowa) – As a typical Polish city, Gdynia has its own market, which is housed in the so-called Hala Targowa. Here you can buy food and drinks, as well as clothes and all kinds of different items.

Football Stadium Arka Gdynia- (Miejski Stadium). The local football team, Arka Gdynia, plays in yellow and blue bands. In the year 2017 the club had its best year in history and won both the Polish Cup (against Lech Poznan) and the Polish Superpokal (also against Legia Warszawa) and the qualification of the Europa League. Its large 15,000-seat stadium is a great place to see a game.

Kamienna Gora (Stone Mountain) – For a beautiful view of the city, head to the top of Kamienna Gora (Stone Mountain). Here you can see a large cross, beautiful gardens and a restaurant. Come here for sunset and sunrise for the most breathtaking views. You can take a walk or take the train.

Gdynia Film Center-At the foot of Kamienna Gora, Gdynia Film Center, a three-screen cinema studio in a complex with an art gallery, bookstore, cafe and restaurant. Just outside you will notice an honor for all the famous people of Gdynia, who have played in Polish films over the years.

Monument to Józef Piłsudski- It is a statue which is widely known to the man as a key figure in the history of Poland, because of his participation in the resumption of the independence of the country in 1918, after being released from the map for 123 years. Jozef also helped preserve the independence of Russia by defeating the Red Army in its advance to the west in August 1920 in what was called the “Miracle in the Vistula”.

Aquarium of Gdynia- As a coastal town the water of the Baltic Sea is not missing in the fauna and the Gdynia Aquarium is one of the best collections of marine animals in Poland. It’s fun for all ages, with colorful screens that appeal to children.

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