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Milan, Italy – One of the World’s Fashion Capitals

Milan, Italy – One of the World’s Fashion Capitals

Whenever someone says Milan, it is hard to not think about the fashion scene in the city. In fact, Milan is counted as one of the major fashion capitals of the world along with New York, Paris, and London. Even in the in Italy itself, it is known as the sartorial hub; accompanying Rome and Florence as well.

Milan is a Fashion Magnet

It is not just literally fashion itself that makes Milan almost have a magnet like power for the industry. In fact, it is a cosmopolitan city that features elements like luxury, great art and food scene, and an intriguing culture. These elements combine to make Milan a center of attention for people who are in love with the fashion industry.

Staying in Milan for Experiencing the Fashion Scene

With so many fashion enthusiasts flocking to the city, it responds to the needs and demands. You want to go shopping, snack, or just a good cup of coffee, you will easily find it in Milan. When all the biggest fashion events are taking place in the city, it is not that hard to find a great hotel for the stay.

Reasons Milan is a Popular Fashion Capital of the World

Milan lives up to its image of being a fashion hub. It features many such places and elements that speak the language of fashion to those who understand and are interested. Here are a few reasons as to why Milan attracts so many fashion enthusiasts from around the world:

  • The Quadrilatero d’Oro, also known as the golden rectangle, contains a few of the world’s best luxury boutiques. These include fashion clothing and jewelry lines. Also, you will find the workshops of some of the most renowned names in the fashion industry. The four streets make up a rectangle and are considered as the district for excellence in best fashion creations by Italian designers
  • The Milan Fashion Week takes place twice a year. For those who are deeply invested in the global fashion industry can’t even think about missing this event. On the other hand, the event is widely covered so the presence of world’s best journalists is no uncommon occurrence
  • In March, the city of Milan hosts the best footwear exhibition known as The MICAM. The wonderful thing about this exhibition is that you can feast your eyes on the upcoming year’s collection
  • The Milano Unica event is the perfect place for the chic fashionista. The event specifically showcases clothing and accessories that are made in Italy and Europe. The designs are exclusive and it is a great platform  to discover upcoming fashion designers as well

For fashion experts and big names, Milan is a definite desti9nation. But if you are any person; living anywhere in the world and have an appreciation for the fashion, then you must put Milan on your bucket list. You don’t even have to worry about affordable hotel stays as you can easily find budget friendly hotel in Milan