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Warrior guide MapleStory

So you’ll see in the Cons, I referenced something about most extreme DPS being dependent on your web association. At the point when Equinox switches your position among Lunar and Solar, it needs to educate the server that the present position has been refreshed. On the off chance that your position isn’t refreshed before Moon Dancer or Speeding Sunset is thrown once more, it will finish up throwing a similar aptitude you utilized beforehand. Or on the other hand much more dreadful, on the off chance that it attempts to cast the aptitude in the meantime your position is refreshed, you could finish up simply staying there doing nothing. Clearly this diverts from your entire pivot, ruins your development, and just by and large makes life hard.

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As a warrior, DW mobbing for the most part comprises of glimmer hopping advances, throwing the aptitude midair, and blaze bouncing again promptly once you arrive. Keeping up this pivot guarantees you keep up forward energy while slaughtering all that you pass. Crush proficiency intensely depends on keeping your development speed, moving around the guide so that you can clear all crowds in as meager separation secured as would be prudent. The shorter your way, the quicker you can circle around the guide and the sooner you can execute stuff when they generate.

Equinox slash

The apparatuses you have are your different glimmer bounces, Equinox Slash, Moon Cross and Moon Dancer/Speeding Sunset. You’ll invest the vast majority of the energy streak bouncing advances, and assaulting noticeable all around. The explicit assaults you use don’t generally influence how you train, they’re simply to enhance the way you take all through the guide.

Moon Dancer/Speeding Sunset’s air renditions both have constrained development. Moon Dancer stops you dead noticeable all around when it is utilized, while Speeding Sunset drives you down to the floor. Them two totally stop all flat force, enabling you to ground yourself at an explicit point to reset your hop or something. They’re not awfully valuable while mobbing, but rather do have their motivation, and you’ll presumably discover a couple of circumstances where this is helpful.

Equinox Slash’s movement dropping part makes it very helpful in practically all circumstances. For mobbing, my fundamental use is to stop my upjump so I don’t sit around idly going excessively high. When you upjump, your character goes into a bouncing movement where you can’t utilize ordinary abilities. On the off chance that you play out the key combo truly rapidly, so as to go quick, it additionally bounces extremely high, which may not be perfect. Throwing Equinox Slash promptly transports you at the present tallness, and gives you a chance to begin assaulting once more. Likewise, much the same as Explorer’s transport, it can likewise get you up onto a few stages you can’t exactly reach with an upjump alone. You can likewise drop Styx Crossing’s generally moderate liveliness on the off chance that you need to go quick.

On the off chance that you endure numerous shots to murder and continue biting the dust, you can buff [​IMG] Soul Element to paralyze the hordes while you slaughter them. This is the main circumstance where this aptitude will be valuable however.

Assault Skills

There are 3 fundamental aptitudes you can use for preparing. You can remain in Lunar Mode and use Moon Cross, you can utilize Equinox and utilize Crescent Divide/Solar Pierce, or you can simply utilize Solar Pierce without anyone else.

Moon Cross

Moon Cross does alrightish harm, however above all has great even range before you. Vertical range is okay as well. Basically streak bounce advances and utilize the ability midair. When you arrive, streak hop again and rehash, returning and forward through the guide. This works extraordinary on long level maps with just a single dimension. You can rapidly navigate the whole guide and execute everything en route. Remember it is conceivable to bounce excessively high and not hit anything, so attempt to utilize the aptitude directly after the blaze hop. Be that as it may, it’s not as effective on maps with various dimensions, or on the off chance that you can’t 1-shot with Moon Cross. Try not to utilize Equinox for this. Here’s an estimated hitbox: