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The alcohol versus weed debate

You and your friends probably had the discussion before, what is better? Weed or alcohol? There are some people who like weed more and there are people who like alcohol more. It’s kind of like the Apple versus Android debate. Apple users always claim that Apple is way better than Android but Android users say the same about Apple. The alcohol versus weed debate is very similar in a few ways. People who like alcohol better say that weed is bad for you and very addictive but people who like weed say the same about alcohol. Research has shown that alcohol is worse for you than weed but the studies on which one is more addictive aren’t done yet. Researchers and scientists simply do not know because the research on weed is quite new, which is not the case with alcohol. If you’re interested in learning more about the effects of weed, you can continue reading. 


The effects of weed

When you are interested in trying weed for the first time, you have to make sure that the weed you buy is the right stuff. If you’re doubting between buying hash or weed, there is not that much of a difference. Weed and hash are both made from the same plant but the main difference is that wees is made from the dried flower and hash is the compressed resin of this flower. They both give you a relaxing and enjoyable feeling but if you’re struggling with panic attacks or with anxiety, both weed and hash can trigger these feelings. 


Looking back at the weed versus alcohol debate, when you’re under the influence of either weed or alcohol, they both can make your psychological complaints get worse. If anxiety or panic attacks are something you are struggling with or you have other psychological complaints, it’s maybe saver to stay away from both. It’s also worth mentioning that both weed and alcohol are not good for your memories and your heart. They can both provoke aggressiveness but the chances of this happening are way bigger when you’re under the influence of alcohol. 


Want to try weed? 

Are you curious about trying weed but not sure where or how to get it? You can easily order some from the internet. When you do this it’s important to buy the right stuff and you can make sure you’re doing this by reading reviews. A positive reviewed online shop is Zamnesia, Zamnesia is a smartshop with over 25.000 positive reviews. You might want to check out their website if you want to make sure you are getting the good stuff.