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Powder characterisation and BET Surface: Services from Solids Solutions in Delft

In the world of materials science and chemical industries, the characterisation of powders is essential for understanding their properties and applications. Solids Solutions, based in Delft, offers high-quality services in powder characterisation and BET surface analysis. In this article, we elaborate on these services and their importance in different industries.

Powder characterisation: an introduction

Powders are used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, and energy storage materials. Powder characterisation involves measuring and analysing various properties, such as particle size distribution, shape, surface characteristics and porosity. Solids Solutions offers a comprehensive range of powder characterisation techniques to help customers understand and optimise the properties of their powders.

Powder characterisation techniques

Solids Solutions uses advanced instrumentation and techniques for powder characterisation, including laser diffraction, image analysis, and surface analysis. These techniques enable customers to obtain accurate information on particle size distribution, shape parameters such as aspect ratio and circularity, and surface properties of powders.

BET Surface analysis: an in-depth look

The specific surface area of powders is a crucial property that affects their behaviour and performance in various applications. The BET (Brunauer-Emmett-Teller) method is a widely used technique for quantifying the specific surface area of powders through nitrogen adsorption. Solids Solutions offers BET surface area analysis as a service to help customers understand the surface properties of their powders.

Applications and benefits

Understanding powder characteristics and surface properties is vital for various applications. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, it can help optimise drug solubility and stability. In the food industry, it can influence the texture and taste of products. For energy storage materials, it can improve the efficiency of batteries and catalysts. By using Solids Solutions’ services, customers can improve their products and processes, leading to better performance and competitive advantages.


Powder characterisation and BET surface analysis are essential services offered by Solids Solutions in Delft. By using advanced techniques and tools, the company helps customers understand and optimise the properties of their powders. These services are invaluable to various industries and contribute to improved products and processes. With a thorough understanding of powder characterisation and surface analysis, clients can strengthen their competitive position and drive innovation.